The Cylinder Lament

the cylinder lament
DV, 1,4 Minuten

the cylinder lament libretto

hey dude, I'm cool, I'm smart, yo, I'm the artist, ha, yo, I do good things, brilliant, great stuff, o, you wouldn 't believe it. no. so successfull, know everybody, known by everybody, you know, — I mean — ey, bug, do you know me, ever heard of me? all the good things I do, brilliant things, great stuff? so absolutely modern, perfect shapes, smooth finish. serious, — best buy you can find — all around the world. I'm cool, I'm smart — do you know it? ey — deep diggin' messages, really important. good things, dude, good things. beautiful colours, harmony, true emotions, oh welldone, handcrafted, waterproof, babe, indestructable, good stuff, so great — ey — I'm cool, I'm the artist I mean, do you know these things? sensational fabrication, lifetime guarantee — ey, kid, I'm cool, I'm hypersmart, yeah — generations of confident customers, lot's of — best service, open all day, climatised — bo, I'm cool, I'm awake, I'm right — I fit all your wishes, oh, each of them — fullfill all your dreams, heaven on earth, bug. my things are first choice, bud, best quality stainless, high performance, extra large ultra light artwork of the next millenium chick — so cool I am, rich and fine and goood o, so good. feel good, taste good, smell good synaesthesis for the now people, bo, yeah prepared for the unexpected, yo, so smart, wired, weird, very well done and famous