Hannes Malte Mahler

    THE MAHLER – Hannes Malte Mahler (1968-2016) was a graduate artist living in Hanover. He graduated from the Braunschweig University of Art and was a master student of Marina Abramović. His work included drawing, painting, illustration, sculpture, installation, performance and photography. In his bustling personality, art and life combined to form an inseparable unit. His studio in Kronenstraße was a meeting place and an enrichment for Hanover's art and creative scene.

    The Mahler

    Protestant. Single. 5 children. A-levels. Study. BUSINESS STUDIES. Started law. Paramedic. Graduate artist. Photographer. Hunter. Performer. Designer. Consultant. Painter and draughtsman.


    Hannes Malte Mahler in seinem Atelier, Hannover 2012, Foto: Birgit Streicher

    The Life of Hannes Malte Mahler

    „This Mahler is essentially made up of three parts: Art, design and marketing. These worlds are linked by drawing. People draw all the time. People draw for fun. People draw to think and occasionally draw for money."

    Mahler's self-characterization from 16.02.2016


    The Oeuvre of Hannes Malte Mahler

    Hannes Malte Mahler's oeuvre is as colorful and multifaceted as his heraldic animal - the chameleon. The different techniques and materials alone are extremely diverse and include painting, drawing, photography, object and performance art, installations with and without "particles" made of Styrodur, doodles and other quisquilia. There are also digital drawings, which Mahler, exploring the tension between art and commerce, transferred to colorful T-shirts and cloth bags under the title "Mahlerwear. It is art". Hannes Malte Mahler's work lives on not only through the shirts offered by the feinkunst Verein and worn by friends of "Mahlerwear" around the world.

    The Websites of Hannes Malte Mahler

    Hannes Malte Mahler's extensive artistic legacy also includes a number of websites. These have remained untouched since his death and can be regarded as "small digital museums".



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