About us

  • Hannes Malte Mahler in seiner Installation in der Alten Synagoge Hagenow (Klavier und Kunst in Hagenow, mit Igor Levit im Rahmen der Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), 2014

    The Mission

    The mission of feinkunst e. V. is to preserve the work of the universal artist Hannes Malte Mahler, who died in an accident in 2016, and make it accessible to the public, as well as to revitalize the Hanoverian art landscape.

    The association is compiling a catalog raisonné of Hannes Malte Mahler's complete oeuvre and thus facilitating scholarly research into it. Mahler's works and those of other artists, mostly from the Hanover region, are presented in changing exhibitions in 220 square meters of gallery space. The association also organizes readings, concerts, artist talks, etc.

    In cooperation with the Sprengel Museum Hannover, the exhibition series "Sprengel@feinkunst" gives a volunteer from the renowned museum the opportunity to curate their own exhibition at feinkunst e.V. once a year.

    In 2020, the association launched the "Hannes Malte Mahler - it is art®" art prize. The aim of the prize is to give new impetus to Hanover as an art location. At the same time, it is intended to commemorate the Hanoverian artist Hannes Malte Mahler (1968 - 2016), who died far too young.

    feinkunst e.V. was founded in March 2017. The non-profit association was initiated by the heirs of Mahler's artistic estate, Johanna Hey and Oliver Rohde, as well as other companions. Mahler used the name feinkunst for his marketing company during his lifetime and called his studio the "feinkunstraum".

    The Goals

    The preservation, digitization, cataloguing and creation of a publicly accessible catalog raisonné of Hannes Malte Mahler's artistic work are the central tasks of feinkunst e.V. In addition, the association exhibits Hannes Malte Mahler's works and makes them accessible for other exhibition projects and academic debate. The association's gallery space comprises 220 square meters of exhibition space, which is used for changing presentations.

    The association's activities at a glance:

    • Creation of a publicly accessible catalog raisonné
    • Organizing exhibitions and placing individual works in public exhibitions and museums
    • Facilitating academic research into the work
    • Organizing lectures, artistic performances and concerts
    • Awarding the international art prize "Hannes Malte Mahler - it is art®"