Hannes Malte Mahler was a graduate artist - painter, draughtsman, photographer, hunter, collector and inventor. Mahler's brain produced a constant stream of peculiar ideas, remarkable images and silly alliterations. Every idea needs its form. The form for this growing collection of digital drawings: MAHLERWEAR. It is art.

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Quisquilia. Generational conflicts. Millipedes. Invented animals. Essential tools. Inspiring icons. Charming beasts. Cuddly disasters. In infinite variations. Decorative pieces. Fairly produced. Made with love.


Become part of Hannes Malte Mahler's latest major project, in which he blurs the boundaries between art, design and commerce. Choose your desired combination of T-shirt color, motif and color/pattern of the motif and create your own unique piece. The possible combinations are limitless.

Price per T-shirt: 35 EUR
Price per T-shirt with special foil: 50 EUR


Order instructions:

1. download the order form and print it out.
2. mark the type of T-shirt you would like. (If you are ordering a women's T-shirt, please note that they are on average one size smaller than usual).
3. tick the color you would like your T-shirt to be. Please note that not all types of T-shirts are available in all colors.
4. enter which motif you would like to have on the T-shirt, e.g. Beast, Zebra, Kitchen, etc. (see catalog).
5. please mark the color in which the motif should be printed on the shirt.
6. mark the color with an "M" in which the "M" is to be printed on your T-shirt.
7. fill in the fields "Name", "Phone", "Street" and "City" completely.
8. scan the completed form and send it to Alternatively, you can of course send the order form by post or bring it by in person. It is of course also possible to complete the form in person at our premises.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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