The Kippenköter series, a neologism coined by Hannes Malte Mahler, are works on paper, collaged drawings and watercolors of dogs wearing collars made from real cigar bands. Noble cigars (mostly) meet dogs of noble breeds - although the odd likeable street dog or mongrel may also be included. The Kippenköter series began around 2003 and has been continued over the years. Most of the Kippenköter are small (20 x 15 cm), but there are also larger ones and the passionate cigar smoker Mahler has even immortalized a Kippenköter on a ceramic ashtray.

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© feinkunst e.V., Foto: Birgit Streicher

Edition: Kippenköter

Die Edition ist auf 100 Stück limitiert und jeweils nummeriert. 

Preis: 60,00 Euro