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feinkunst e.V. is a non-profit organization and depends on donations and membership fees.

We are happy about large and small amounts!
You will receive a donation receipt for your generous support.

Bank Account: Sparkasse Hannover
IBAN: DE04 2505 0180 0910 3685 03

Hannes Malte Mahler, Rocket Mahler, 2016, Foto: Birgit Streicher


Support our work in the long term and become a member. For an annual contribution of 50 euros or more, you can support the aims of the association and become part of the initiative.

Your donation or membership fee is tax-deductible.

feinkunst is registered in the register of associations of the district court of Hanover under VR number 202774 and is recognized as a non-profit organization for the promotion of art and culture according to the last notice we received from the Hanover North Tax Office (StNr. 25/206/58171) dated 24.03.2022.

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